200 Club

Fareham Lions Club Supporters 200 Club

We serve the communities of Fareham, Portchester and Gosport.

Every year we serve by:

  • Support the vulnerable
  • Help families in need
  • Help those devasted by disasters
  • Recycle and upcycle Glasses, Batteries, Inhalers, Lids from bottles…
  • Reduce food waste
  • Ensure families have fun at Paultons Park
  • Provide an Easter Party for Senior Citizens
  • Help other organisations to raise funds through events such as Stubbington Fayre, Barn Dance, Horse Race nights
  • Take Santa around the streets in his sleigh so that children can see him
  • Sponsor youth sports and clubs

This takes time, money and needs people to help.

This is where you come in. 

Supporter draw Membership

By becoming a Supporter you help to generate more funds so that we can focus on ensuring that more people in our communities will learn and benefit.

£2.25 per month

The cost of a cup of coffee from a cafe or half a pint from the pub


Monthly or Annually

£27 per Year

The cost of each draw membership is £2 per month plus £3 towards the cost of entertainment

Help in the continued service by becoming a supporter and taking out a draw membership.

You can have as many draw memberships as you would like.


The minimum amount that goes towards supporting Fareham Lions service

Pay by

Standing Order or Cheque

Monthly draw 



Announced on 2nd Monday of the month

Star prizes 

Drawn at

Events with food & entertainment

Twice a year


1st Star


2nd Star


3rd Star

Supporter 200 Club Rules

1.  The Supporters 200 Club (The Club) is operated by Fareham Lions Club

2.  The Club will be limited to a maximum of 200 draw memberships with each draw membership worth £27 per year.

3.  Each supporter must be 18 years old and may apply to have more than one draw membership.

4.  A draw membership constitutes an affiliation to Fareham Lions Club and therefore has no voting rights at Fareham Lions Club meetings but will enjoy protection under Lions Clubs International Multiple District British Isles 105 Insurance at The Club’s events.

5.  The decision of The Organiser and their team from Fareham Lions Club is final should any matter regarding The Club require adjudication.

6.  A supporter’s draw membership will be entered into the next monthly prize draw following their joining date.

7.  Monthly prize draws will be £30. Star prizes for the 200 Club level will be £500, £200 & £100. Star Prizes for the 100 Club level will be £250, £100 & £50.

8.  If the number of draw memberships falls below 75% for a 200 Club level then the Star Prize values will be halved to operate at a 100 Club level.

9.  If the number of draw memberships falls below 75% for a 100 Club level to operate then no Star prizes will be awarded.

10.  One months’ notice is required for termination of a draw membership in writing (email is fine) to the Organiser of The Club.

To become a supporter please complete the form below or download our leaflet and post your application to us:

Supporters 200 Club Application Form

Please select the image above to download a pdf format of our leaflet.


If you would like an alternative format of this document please contact us

For more information about how to become a Lion member please look at Join the Cause