Fuel Poverty

Fareham Lions Club Fuel Poverty
wenceslas project

Just like Good King Wenceslas who travelled through the winter snow to ensure that people were not without fuel to keep warm, Fareham Lions would like to ensure that local people and families are able to stay warm during the cold winter months, without worry about paying their energy bills

Fareham Lions Club follow a format adopted by other Lions Clubs, whereby donations and Winter Fuel Allowances – in full or partial payments – are held in a fund to pay fuel charges for local people & families that are in debt to their energy suppliers.

We work with local agencies and organisations within Fareham and Gosport, especially Citizens Advice Fareham, Citizens Advice Gosport, One Community Fareham, Community Action Fareham and Gosport Voluntary Action to ensure we target those in need. 

We know of many people who just can't keep warm during the winter months

Support for you

Citizens Advice have a page with advice about Get help with the cost of living that you might find useful.

There is more information and support available from End Fuel Poverty Coalition 

Fuel Bank FoundationIf you are in Fuel Crisis you can contact the Fuel Bank Foundation 

Support by you

Can you go without part or all of your Winter Fuel Allowance?

Please pass on your winter payment to us in the certain knowledge that we will ensure it goes directly to the fuel needy.

Are you able to donate to support others?

You can donate to us even if you do not receive the Winter Fuel Allowance and want to help our a local person or family.