What is Measles?

  • Measles is a highly contagious viral disease and large outbreaks continue to occur around the world, putting children at risk of severe health complications such as pneumonia, diarrhea, encephalitis, blindness and death. 
  • 245 people still die every day because of measles. This number has declined steadily due to the strengthening of routine immunization services and mass vaccination campaigns, but continued progress relies on continued funding and support.   

But the UK is measle free…?

You would have thought so but no it is not, we lost that status in 2019 and just like other European countries it has been on the increase! 

You can die from measles, especially if you have note been vaccinated

For more information about measles please go to the NHS website

What have Lions done so far?

  • Lions fight measles by providing physical support through social mobilization and advocacy.

  • The safe and effective measles vaccine costs only about US$1.

LCIF (Lions Foundation) continues efforts to empower Lions to help children around the world. 

In December 2017, LCIF completed their commitment to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance by raising US$30 million. The Gavi Matching Fund, funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for Internal Development (DFID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is matching the contributions dollar for dollar, bringing the total amount raised to US$60 million. The financial support from LCIF and the Gavi Matching Fund has provided 87.7 million immunisations for children against this debilitating and deadly disease, avoiding 61,000 future deaths. 

Lions will continue the fight against measles, focusing on advocacy and social mobilisation. Lions are out in their communities talking with parents, schools, local governments, and other community leaders. They are volunteering at vaccination centres around the world, dispelling common misconceptions about the measles and the measles vaccine, and spreading the word about why it’s important for every child to be immunised from measles.

Have you or your children been immunised?